Poor quality cavity wall insulation

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Miles Davidson
Datum: 28/03/2018
We are seeing more cases of badly or incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation causing building problems, such as damp and water ingress. The installation problems are historic i.e. more than 10 years ago. This creates 2 problems; firstly, such stories can discourage households installing cavity wall insulation where there is none and secondly, there are significant costs and disruption in removing existing insulation and correcting problems. Does anyone else have these problems any innovative low cost less disruptive fixes?


Jade O'Leary


We have experienced this issue mainly where we have properties that are particularly exposed to elements such as coastal properties. One project in a coastal area of Camber had some poorly insulated properties that were done more than 10 years previously. Optivo worked with our contractor who specialise in defect management to have the insulation extracted and refilled with bonded bead insulation. This material is better suited to exposed properties, has a better u value and where future works a
Jade O'Leary

Insulation part 2

*And where future works are required that might see an area of wall removed, the beads are glued and therefor stay solid, so does not drop. As well as this the material we have looked at addressing through maintenance such as repointing properties as poorly maintained properties can affect the insulation. We have not found a innovative/low cost me4asure for fixing, however lots of attention has been paid to improve going forward.
Chrissie Upton

Interesting article on quality control for cavity wall insulation

I don't have the answer to a quick fix, but this article supports ways that greater quality control could be introduced in the UK :