How to insulate floor in a cost-effective way?

Deelnemer / Auteur
Kathleen Leynen
Datum: 07/08/2018
A problem Zonnige Kempen is dealing with, is the costs of insulating the floor of an existing dwelling on a cost-effective way. To insulate floors in a good way, the existing floor needs to be removed, insulation is placed and then a new floor is installed. However this is costs a lot and the inhabitants need to move out during the renovation works. Zonnige Kempen wonders if there is a technical solution to insulate floors in a way that inhabitants can stay in their homes and secondly if there is a possibility to install more insulation in the roof and walls in order to compensate that there is no insulation in the floors.


Jade O'Leary

Floor insulation

As part another project Optivo are involved in we have trailed a new technology called Qbot for floor insulation. Qbot is a small robot that only needs a small panel to access the void. It then manoeuvres around under the floorboards and sprays insulating foam. The residents do not need to move out and installation takes just a couple of hours to half a day This costs around £4000 per property depending on size. And SAP can increase up to 11 points. For more information you can visit: https://w